10:15 PM

Yesterday morning, I was still lying in bed when Lydia walked into the room. (Stephen gets her out of her crib every morning and feeds her breakfast, and I love him all the more for it.) She walked over to me with a cracker in one hand and a bottle of craft-paint in the other (Uhh...woops. Probably should figure out where she found that..), handed me the paint, and then walked out.

And that's when the evidence became unmistakably clear: THIS BABY IS WALKING.

Stephen's been ready to claim that she's "walking" for about a week, but I was holding off until she was consistently choosing walking over crawling, and sometime within the last couple of days, the shift was made.

I'll admit that I thought this day would come a while ago (closer to when she turned 1), and I've been a little impatient for it, but now that it's here I am worried that I can't claim Lydia is a baby for much longer, which, of course, makes me a little sad. (Motherhood is weird.)

Thankfully, when I asked, "Lydia, now that you're walking, does that mean you're no longer a baby?!" she immediately replied with, "No, no, no."

I'm gonna go ahead and take that as permission to hold on to her babyhood a little bit longer.

^^I realize this song might be used in every youtube video ever, BUT, I still like it AND it's titled "Spring in my Step" so OBVIOUSLY it was the clear choice for background music despite the fact that it is painfully overused. ☺️

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  1. This is so cute! I knew what the song was going to be before I even pressed play based on your description. It also got stuck in my head before I even pressed play, haha. Music for youtube videos is hard! I feel like this is the best option out there for non-copyright music. (p.s. in case this comment doesn't post under my name, this is Laura ;))