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On instagram, I often talk about how I only wash my hair once a week and I've gotten a fair number of questions about it, SO, I decided to make a video with some tips! Please read disclaimers 1-10 before watching said video. 😜

DISCLAIMER #1: I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a hair expert. These tips are simply a few things I've picked up over time that I've found work well for my hair.

DISCLAIMER #2: I don't know if everyone can train their hair to go 7+ days between washings, but I do think most people could probably get away with washing their hair less than they do now if they have a little patience during the "training phase." 

DISCLAIMER #3: Although there are many things I really love about Batiste dry shampoo, the smell is not one of them. (And no, my posts are not sponsored by Batiste even though I talk about them all the time. haha)

DISCLAIMER #4: I am not "a youtuber." I enjoy making videos, but I've never done a video this style before and it was a struggle. I have a loooot to learn about this type of video filming/editing if I'm ever going to try one of these again. ha. (This first one took me forever...)

DISCLAIMER #5: Just because I can get away with only washing my hair once a week, this does NOT mean that I actually take the time to style it everyday. 80% of the time my hair is up in a very messy bun (not the cute kind) on top of my head, and probably looks greasy because of that. (...Not to mention those CRAAAZY fly-aways in the front that I am incapable of taming😑.)

DISCLAIMER #6: This video was not shot in one take nor was it all filmed the same day. (Which explains why the lighting and my hair style change and then change back at different points of the video.)

DISCLAIMER #7: All of these tips might be common sense! You may learn absolutely nothing from watching this video and feel like it is a waste of three minutes of your time. (If so, SORRY!)

DISCLAIMER #8: The "captions" almost never match what I'm actually saying. I probably should have made a script for myself and thought through where I was going a little more before I started filming....(see #4)

DISCLAIMER #9: I hate "informational" youtube videos that spend wayyy too much time on "unnecessary fluff" so I tried to cut out as much of that as humanly possible....which made it SO CHOPPY.😂😂  Should I admit that I had almost 40 minutes of footage between the two takes?! 🙈  YIKES! That being said, I probably still left a lot in there that other people might consider unnecessary. It's a learning process, that's for sure! 

DISCLAIMER #10: If you watch this video in its entirety, it will be 2:55 that you will never get back..so be sure to think about that before you press play ;) 

Still want to watch the video?! 😜😂

Was any of that actually new/helpful?!
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  1. Replies
    1. Haha. You're too nice! 🙈 Thanks for watching!

  2. No disclaimers nesessary! You're amazing
    and the video was awesome! :) I am struggling with greasy hair like 80% of my life because I refuse to wash it daily. Thanks for putting in the time to share with us!

    1. Thanks for watching, Becky!!! Washing hair takes wayyy too long to do it every day! Hope it was helpful! haha

  3. umm... so what does dry shampoo do? What does "training" you hair to go longer without washes mean, and how do you know if it is working?
    One last question ... does how often you work out factor in? I find that working up a sweat definitely impacts when I need to shampoo my hair ... but then again I'm a guy so I'm not even sure if this information relevant to short hair.

    1. Dry shampoo basically absorbs the oils in your hair. The more often you wash your hair, the more oil it produces, so "training" your hair is the stage where your hair gradually produces less oil over time thereby allowing you to go longer between washings. Working out/sweating obviously would increase the oils so it would be hard to go a full week without washing, but I do know people who workout daily and wash their hair 2x/week. I'm sure men could benefit from dry shampoo (although getting an unscented one would be strongly encouraged haha) but most men (with short hair) don't have to deal with the headache of blowdrying and styling their hair, so I don't know of any dry shampoos that are targeted for men specifically. Hope that helps!

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