11:48 AM

It was sometime after 2:00 am, Wednesday, that Lydia woke up screaming for probably the fourth time.

Stephen immediately got up to help calm her, and I suggested he bring her into our bed to see if maybe that would help her sleep for more than a few hours. All told, I had very little confidence this would actually work, but it seemed like a better (and much more lazy) alternative than one of us getting out of bed every few hours to comfort her. 

Stephen brought in our clearly uncomfortable, grumpy, horribly exhausted, teething child. We tried a few things to help her calm down, but nothing seemed to be helping. An attempt to give her some Tylenol was completely unsuccessful, she all but threw the syringe back in my face with an indignant scream.   

I suggested Stephen give her a priesthood blessing and he did so without hesitating. After the blessing we both thought we should give her a bath. We stripped her down and immediately the screaming subsided (the poor girl was burning up with a fever). A few seconds in the water, however, was all it took for her to clearly communicate that a bath was not the answer.

As Stephen carried a dripping, diaper-clad Lydia back over to our bed, she laid her head down on his shoulder and immediately closed her eyes. He carefully got in the bed, propped himself up with some pillows, and held our helpless, hurting little baby, gently patting her back as they both drifted back to sleep.

Watching this from just a few feet away, my breath caught in my throat. Seeing my Stephen, my best friend, my confidant, the love of my life, holding and comforting our almost-naked, perfect little Lydia on his chest, was almost too much for me to handle. I watched them for a few minutes and felt a familiar warmth near my heart I had never experienced before I became a mom, but now experience frequently.

I knew it was much too dark in the room to be able to capture this perfect little scene on camera, so I tried to take in every part of it for as long as I could before I drifted off to sleep.

_ _ _ 

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  1. I would argue that when you write something up this well, a picture is worth 376 words! We can all picture this in our minds now, and I think it will live on by you capturing this experience in this form with its full context much better than a picture could :)

  2. what a precious moment <3 you'll never forget it