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Last week did not get off to a great start. Our church time switched from 1:00 pm to 9:00 am and (while I much prefer the 9:00 am time) it really threw Lydia's napping schedule for a loop! 24 hours later the poor girl still hadn't recovered!

By mid-afternoon on Monday (after a second failed nap-attempt) we were both in a bad place😬. I pulled my phone out as a last resort (homegirl LOVES watching videos of herself) and I had the idea to open Snapchat. Snapchat has what are called "face filters" that turn you into a dog (or other people/animals), and ever since our Christmas in Iowa, Lydia has been particularly obsessed with dogs.

It didn't take long after opening the app that she saw herself on the screen and calmed down quite a bit (haha!). We started with the dog filter because she recently discovered that if she opens her mouth a dog tongue comes out, and that was enough to get a smile out of her.

The next one (which gave her a crown and white face) she found particularly funny and started giggling. I continued switching the filters and she seemed to think each one was even better than the last. Eventually I got to one that distorted her face and nose and she LOST IT. She was laughing SO hard! Hearing her laugh so hard (and then rewatching the video with the voice changer) was hysterical. The video really doesn't capture how hard we were laughing and since it only films 10 seconds at a time, it didn't get the part where we were nearly in tears from laughing so hard!

(The first picture says, "When you're trying to logically explain to your one year old that this is exactly the reason she should be napping.") 

I've tried using the filters (particularly the one with the smooshed face) again this week and I think it creeps her out now! haha! (She still likes lots of the other ones though.) I think sleep deprivation may have played a role in how funny we both thought it was that first time...

I'm happy to report that that moment was a HUGE turning point for us, and even though Lydia only got in one twenty-minute nap that day, we made it a great day anyway. 
_ _ _

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  1. That last one kills me! Hysterical!

  2. Rhys loves the snapchat filters, too! He thinks they are so funny!

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