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At 14 months Lydia is often found..

Clapping for herself // taking a few independent steps at a time, or walking with assistance // scrunching up her nose up when she smiles // saying, "woah," "daddy," "doggy," "mommy," "tickle tickle" "oh" "yyyyaaaaa!" "no!" and "hi" (though what she means when she says them is often debatable) // waving // blowing kisses // taking off her socks // throwing food on the ground from her high chair // watching babies and kids with extreme fascination // "monkey crawling" // making the fish face // giggling // tickling and being tickled // putting on and taking off lids (she loves lids) // trying to eat uncooked pasta // devouring frozen mangoes, strawberry flavored oatmeal, life cereal, and scrambled eggs // trying to use her own spoon and fork // pounding on doors, and begging to go out into the hall // roaring like a lion // crawling towards the stairs // opening drawers and emptying their contents on to the floor // trying to stand up in high chairs, shopping carts, and strollers // pressing buttons (literally and figuratively 😜), pulling the kitchen hand-towel on to the floor (😑 ) // unrolling the toilet paper from the roll // doing the "fake out" where she pretends to hand you something and then takes it back // drawing (often with her left hand ☺️) // carrying Kiki around // trying to drink out of 'adult' cups // pointing to where she wants to go // DANCING (if something even resembles music, like the game 'catch phrase' you better believe this girl will be dancing her heart out) // stuffing as many banana puffs or cheerios in her mouth as she possibly can // winning people over left and right

I'm not sure how tall she is, but she continues to be on the petite side as she weighs somewhere between 17.5 - 18 pounds, and wears clothes that range from 6 months to 18 months! haha.

She also has 9 teeth that are fully-in and two additional top molars that are mostly in.

We sure love our little Lydia Lynn! 
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