8:30 AM

Dear Leggings, You are pants. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (#sorrymom)

Dear Batiste Dry Shampoo, I will sing your praises until the cows come home. You have changed my life forever.


Dear Tombow Brush Pens, why did it take us twenty-five years to finally meet?

Dear Electric Toothbursh, I'm sorry for the abuse Lydia puts you through, killing you nearly every time she gets ahold of you. Let's all take a second to appreciate your many lives.

Dear Chicken Boullion Cubes, We are not friends and we never were. Be powder or be nothing. I can't wait to be rid of you and your horrible little wrappers forever.

Dear Right Arm, Carrying Lydia on the left is side much more comfortable and I don't see that changing any time soon, dooming you to be the weaker arm forever. Sorry about that.

Dear Eyelash Extensions, thank you for making me feel glamorous despite the fact I have only worn make up once since August. (#winning)

Dear Cast Iron Grill Pan, I can't believe I have been holding you back from your potential for so long!!! I will make so much delicious chicken from here on out, thanks to you!

Dear Instagram Live, Please be periscope.

Dear Periscope, I miss you. I wish the world hadn't forgotten about you so quickly.

Dear Instant Pot, you are scary, but also pretty amazing. I foresee a long and very close friendship in our future.
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  1. I LOOOOOOOOVE everything Sonic! And, after this pregnancy, I have been converted to #teamleggingsarepants!

    1. YES! I was definitely converted to the "leggings are pants" movement when I was pregnant with Lydia, and now I'm afraid there is no going back!! Haha. Although, I also LOVE LOVE my "rockstar jeggings" from Old Navy and they are a close second that actually ARE pants, although they are titled "jeggings."

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