10:22 PM

Well, we meet again, post-due-date-day-5. 

Or is it really post-due-date-day-3 since my original due date was May 3rd?

Either way, we're here again in that awkward mental space, waiting for a newborn to arrive. 

And yet, this time is so so different. 

I've been trying to explain to Stephen exactly all the ways it feels so different this time around, but I'm having trouble finding the words. 

Yes, there have been tears, but the ache and frustration and anger(?) that I felt in those last days and weeks waiting for Lydia is not here this time, and for that I am (obviously) very grateful. I'm not sure if it's just because I understand better and am more open to the idea that babies come on their own (aka the Lord's) timeline, or the fact that I'm not yet at the same level of physical discomfort I felt during the last weeks of my pregnancy with Lydia. But either way, I'm weirdly at peace that this baby is taking his sweet time.** 

I had been pretty excited about the idea of him being born on Lydia's half birthday (which was maybe yesterday or today depending on what/who you ask, haha) but at this point I see that is not going to happen. I guess this little guy wants to have a day all to HIMSELF, and really, I can't blame him ;) 

All that being said, it would be awfully nice if he would make his debut sooner rather than later since I have Grandma here willing and waiting to help! 

Ready when you are BabyBoy! 
_ _ _

**at least for now 😜

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