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Lydia's hair when she wakes up each morning never ceases to impress! Especially now that I usually put it in a ponytail during the day and take it out just before bed - the shape of the ponytail combined with static from Lydia jumping around in her crib (that still has a blanket over the top of it to block out the light) is quite a great combination! Here are some snapshots from the past few months:

I am always so bad at doing the monthly updates. It's really overwhelming to me to try to sum Lydia's current stage in a single blogpost, so I put it off until another month passes and end up not recording anything because I couldn't record everything. It's a vicious cycle and it makes me sad because I'm sure I'll forget so many of the hilarious things she does over the years! I'm giving myself five minutes to make a list of what Lydia's up to right now and although it will be far from complete I'm not going to let myself stress about it...

(Note: She's not actually 18 months yet, she will be in about 2 weeks, but labeling this a 17.5 month update just felt plain silly.)

Lydia currently....

LOVES being outside more than anything. Her favorite word is "GO!" and will bring me my shoes and her shoes and pack the diaper bag if I even hint at the idea of going out.

LOVES BABIES. It doesn't matter if they are older than her and/or bigger than her. She points out babies left and right and gets really sad when a baby that she points out gets out of eyesight.

Loves Costco samples. She's a fairly picky eater at home, but at Costco...she is willing try anything and usually likes it!

Is very tidy. She will often refuse to do anything until all of the drawers and doors are closed. She also really loves to wipe up the floor, counter, and her face.

Is a very good helper. She loves to help move the laundry and empty the dishwasher. Having her help makes these tasks much more enjoyable for me too so it's a win-win!

Is officially down to one nap per day and it ranges from 45 minutes-3 hours... we're working on it. ha

Says the following words: (this is a quick list and I'm sure it's missing some)
thank you, ball, hi, bye, mommy (mama) (mom), daddy, baby, doggie, ducky (often sounds exactly like doggie haha), uh oh, Kiki, ya, no, ow!, ohhhh, keys, kiss, snow, go, meow, okay, more, cheese, pop(corn), bubble, tree, i love you, me, papa (meaning grandpa..or, old man, hahaha), babo (which is the closest she could get to grandma) and lately she's working on saying "Lydia"...but it's proving to be a toughy. She's getting more and more expressive with her inflections (on things like OKAY! and 'owwwww!' and we find it hilarious.)

She also makes sounds for dog, cat, giraffe, lion, cow, sheep, monkey, duck, elephant, horse, snake, owl, and firetruck (I have a video of her doing many of these words and sounds that I'll have to try to put together...sometime 😅).

Words can't even express how much we love this girl!
_ _ _

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