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We're trying a new budgeting tactic this year (not a strong point for us🙈) and so far it's been the most effective one yet! (Granted, it's still January. Ha.) Not only has it made me acutely aware of how much money I spend every week, it has also motivated me to sift through and start using the bag full of giftcards that we've been hoarding for years. 😜 

Thankfully, this morning, when Kneaders' all-you-can-eat french toast was calling my name, I didn't even have to hesitate! HOORAY FOR GIFTCARDS!

Sidenote: Kneader's french toast + caramel syrup = pure heaven in pure sugar form

Lydia's at an age where it's getting harder and harder to keep her contained when we go places😳. I think after about 4 or 5 bites of french toast she was waving her hands around like mad to indicate that she was "all done" (see photo).  Not quite done with the french toast, however, just with the highchair she was strapped into. We let her out and she wandered over to the door and started looking outside. At first I thought she was really fascinated with some birds that were walking around on the sidewalk, but then I realized that it was her own reflection that was so captivating. haha! I should have known! This girl looooves to look at herself these days. 

It was the perfect Saturday morning outing despite the conversation that happened as I was typing up this blogpost. 

Me: "I think I ate too much."
Stephen: "Word. I feel ya."

Plus, the fact that it didn't come out of our bank account just made it extra sweet. ðŸ‘ŒðŸ¼
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