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I've never been much of a goal-setter, but I've been a bit addicted to THIS podcast lately, and if it's taught me anything, it's that most successful women are successful on purpose. They don't just think about goals, they actually write them down and hold themselves accountable. 

This probably shouldn't have been as big of an epiphany as it was, seeing as my mom and many of my other young women's leaders tried for years to help me grasp that concept...😬 , but, better late than never, right?!😅

I know this year is going to be a year of transition (hello, baby#2 that will be here before I know it! 😳) and a lot of my goals will become significantly harder once another baby joins our family, but I'm optimistic that if I get good habits in place before he gets here, I'll be exponentially more likely to keep them up after he comes! That being said, I'll also be willing to give myself some slack because #newborns 😂. 

Aaannnyway, I'm actually really excited about my goals, and I've already felt more productive (from making little changes here and there) in the last few weeks than I have in a long time! I really hope this goal setting-fire continues! ☺️

2017 GOALS

Meal plan weekly.

Attend the temple at least once a month.

Not check social media until after I've done something spiritual (i.e. read scriptures or a conference talk)

Have people over for dinner (or dessert/games/fhe) at least once a month.

Establish and maintain a morning and evening routine. (I'll post more about this soon, because I actually started this in early December and it has been GAME CHANGING.)

Be more conscious of the TYPES and AMOUNTS of foods I am eating (even while pregnant 😜) 

Post on instagram at least 5x/week and blog at least once a week. (Have you noticed? 😂)


Get all of the paperwork turned in and fees paid to make my photography business official

Aim for 24 grams of sugar or less during weekdays, and only have a "half-treat" on weekends

Go over the calendar for the year with Stephen

Finish hanging photos in the living room and kitchen

Finish watching the videos on our online FBA course

What are your goals for this year?! 

_ _ _

PS If you aren't already following thealisonshow , do yourself a favor and do it now! She is hilarious. She is inspirational. She is real. Not to mention we danced together at one of her dance parties, so we're basically best friends 👯. She also started a podcast this week which I am THRILLED about called Awesome with Alison. GO go go! (But just a disclaimer, the theme song WILL get stuck in your head for hours 😂.)

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  1. Goals for 2017... hmm I'll have to get back to you on that, but I'm definitely working on establishing better morning and evening routine. I know you are sticking to yours since I now know you have a sleep alarm at night time!
    Good luck with making the business official! BTW, what's an FBA course?

    1. Some days are better than others with the morning/evening routine, but I on the days I actually do it (especially) in the morning I notice a HUGE difference. An FBA stands for "fulfillment by amazon" which is a way to sell products on amazon. I know a few people who have had really great success with earning money through it, so we decided to learn more and give it a go ourselves!