9:34 AM

Last week Lydia, Elliott, and I were eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (I had attempted to make some Sunday morning for General Conference breakfast, and I'm choosing to celebrate the fact that they were edible and call them a success, but the truth is they mediocre at best, haha - we were eating the leftovers*.)  

Anyway, we're eating the cinnamon rolls and Lydia holds hers out to me and says, "More bacon please, Mom!" 

I was so confused 😂 We had had BLTs for dinner the night before and Stephen and I had made multiple attempts to make Lydia eat the bacon but she had continuously refused.

"What?!" I said. "Do you want some of the bacon that we had for dinner last night?"

"No," she said, "I like this bacon on the cinnamon roll!"

...And that's when it occurred to me that somehow in that adorable almost-three-year-old head of hers, she had confused the word 'frosting' for 'bacon.' 

_ _ _


*the fact that there even were leftovers again illustrates that they were pretty average. haha. Exceptional cinnamon rolls do not get "leftover." 

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