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figuring out how to do color correction for VIDEO in LIGHTROOM(<--- this is HUGE!) // watching this youtube video (for the record, I think given the chance Blake Lively and I would be good friends) // $1.00 french bread with herb and garlic from the bakery section at Walmart // when we were supposed to meet our friends Bryce and Melissa at a BBQ, but then Melissa called to say that her water broke and they were going to the hospital...and I thought they were pranking us...until I found out that her water ACTUALLY broke and they were REALLY at the hospital hahahah (she had baby Landon the next day!) // when Lydia woke up from a nap and her hair looked EXACTLY like this character from Tarzan // finding even more great clothes at DI // using my camera bag as a backpack diaper bag // taking the train with Lydia to meet Stephen when he got off work // Lydia wearing summery, strappy dresses // MEETING baby Landon and watching how interested Lydia was with such a tiny baby // going to surf and swim with my friend Taelor // THE PATTY MELT at the Riverton Intermountain Healthcare // going up to Stephen's grandpa's cabin for part of the weekend


Lydia loving Mom and Dad Olson  (finally! She was a huge grump last time they were in town, so I'm so glad she wasn't this time!) // going to a blogger meet-up in Sandy and meeting Madeline and Riley IN REAL LIFE after feeling somewhat like a stalker for a looong time hahha (I also met a bunch of other people as well!) // WINNING A GIVEAWAY ON INSTAGRAM FROM NONE OTHER THAN TAZA HERSELF!! (If you know me, you know that Taza is basically my blogging IDOL so I was pretty dang thrilled. haha. I won this hard drive, but in all reality I was more excited about getting a direct message FROM TAZA than I was about the hard drive! (Although the hard drive also seems awesome!) // grandpa making us his perfect eggs every morning we stayed with him // perfecting my scrambled eggs in a mug

A lot of really good things happened over the course of the past two weeks! ...But I feel like I should also mention that a lot of really BAD things happened as well :( All of the really bad things revolve around one thing: SLEEP-TRAINING. We started the process last Thursday and it has been ROUGH, but I'm optimistic that the worst is over and things are going to be better from here on out! (pleasepleaseplease) I'll probably do a post all about our sleep-training experience once I feel like I'm 100% sure progress has been made. ha. In the meantime, enjoy these funny quotes because ALL OF THEM make me laugh out loud when I reread and remember them.


Stephen talking about planning a campout while in boyscouts: "The leaders always wanted us to organize everything but really they would just sit there and tell us everything we were forgetting...which was everything...except the food." 

Grandpa Olson: "How often do you wash your hair?"
Me: "Uhhmm...I usually wash it every 3-4 days." (Feeling embarrassed to admit that I don't wash it very often)
Dad Olson: "Do you think that's a lot or a little, Dad?"
Grandpa Olson: "I can't imagine why you would need to wash it more than once a week!" pause, then to himself "....ALL that hair! Huh!"

Stephen was waiting for me to put my phone away so we could read scriptures together. After patiently waiting for a few minutes he cleared his throat.
Me (sarcastically): "Oh, did you have something in your throat?!"
Stephen: "Yes, righteousness."

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