9:00 AM

^^finally trying Pizzaria Limone (we got the Pera and the Bahn Mi and they were both delicious!) // sleep training going SO much better!!! // getting the hard drive I won from the Taza giveaway and when it came it was in a HUGE black box/chest thing with #dadapocalypse written on the outside // seeing how excited Stephen gets about the Olympics // finding an apartment! (We move in in a couple weeks!) // Lydia going in for kisses // perfectly ripe avocados from Costco // INSTASNAPCHAT (Step aside Snapchat, instagram has it all now and I couldn't be happier about it) // cake and homemade ice cream for Joan's birthday // no less than 4 people calling Lydia "a doll" in walmart // getting a white foam board for 88 cents so I can take more photos like this one // the crazy hail storm on Saturday // fresh garden tomatoes // trying out the closest cafe rio (about time!) and it DID NOT disappoint!

_ _ _

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