12:42 PM

 ^^I know that this pose can be cute, but somehow we managed to make it look so awkward 😂😂

On Sunday night, we put Lydia to sleep and drove a little under a mile away to take pictures in an open field at sunset. We currently live in an area where the houses are further apart and the roads are wide and there is hardly ever traffic. I've had my eye on this particular field for a while, because the sun sets right behind it, and there aren't any buildings obstructing the view, which makes it the ideal candidate for a photoshoot backdrop.

Taking pictures with a tripod and camera remote is always an adventure, and this particular evening was no exception. Awkwardness ran rampant (with cars driving by (sometimes honking) and people sitting on their porch across the street watching...) and, as always, the OUTTAKES were some my favorites.

I'm sure lots of people won't believe me when I say that Stephen was totally on board to take pictures with me for an hour in a random field, but I swear he was. I've always known that he was a rare breed, but the more family photos I take for other people, the more I realize just how much of a gem he truly is ;)
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