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Yesterday was a fantastic birthday! I documented a lot of it on Instagram, but I know a lot of people that read my blog don't have instagram (namely: my three older siblings who really need to get on instagram already!) so I figured I should document it here as well :) Plus, documenting on my blog helps me remember things that have long been forgotten, like when I made Stephen put fresh tomatoes on my sandwich for my birthday two years ago. 😂.😂. (Just reread that blog post and I'm cracking up.)

Lydia woke up about 7:20, so I fed her and put her back down. Before I went to eat breakfast I grabbed and shirt and accidentally put it on backwards...which just felt like the perfect way to start my morning as a 25 year old. HA! (See photo above.) 

Upon leaving the bedroom, I was greeted by the first of six birthday signs Stephen made me, each more hilarious and creative than the one before.

The bulk of the morning was spent guiltlessly watching Netflix and not allowing myself to feel stressed by the number of items on my to do list ☺️ . 

When Lydia woke up from her morning nap, we headed to DI! The trip was a success and I walked out with three new shirts🎉! (Do you see why I'm so obsessed with the local DI?!)

We met Stephen for lunch in Salt Lake. The birthday gods blessed me with my special-day lining up with "twofer tuesday" at Happy Sumo, so lunch was 👌🏼.

^^During lunch Stephen snapped this pic of me and my fav girl with my NEW LENS!! :) :) 

When Stephen got home from work, we put Lydia down for the night (at my aunt and uncle's house) and then went to dinner at CHIPOTLE! We then decided to walk from there to get Coldstone. The food was amazing and the conversation even better ☺️.

^^Notice the shirt I am wearing that I got for $3 at DI as part of my birthday shopping spree ☺️☺️. 

Not even the world's largest zit on my chin, or being charged 0.86 cents for a cup of ice water at Swig could could get me down, it was a wonderful day! (But let's be honest: .86 cents for a cup of water IS ABSURD.) 

Thanks to so many friends and family members who called/texted/facebook posted/etc to wish me a happy birthday and tell me they were thinking of me!

Now bring on the 3-year-anniversary celebrations ;)

_ _ _

PS Notice my OFFICIAL blog domain!!! My brother Joseph and his wife, Wendy, gave it to me as a birthday present :) 🎉

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