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 ^^She was winking exactly 1 second before this picture was taken. I'd never seen her do that before and it was hilarious!
^^She's been making this little "O" face lately and I cannot get enough of it!!! I'm glad I finally got it on camera.

I considered cleaning up a bit and doing Lydia's hair before I took these pictures, but I was feeling lazy and I figured that leaving the mess just made the photos more authentic ;)

At nine months, Lydia...

Plays with toys. And by toys...I really mean anything. She doesn't care if it's k'nex or a red solo cup. And neither do I! (I just have to make sure the pieces aren't small enough for her to swallow.) I love that she is at an age where she can entertain herself while I get stuff done!

Has six teeth. Three of the top four all came in within a week and a half! It was crazy how much her smile changed in just that short amount of time! Thankfully she handled it like a champ and they really didn't seem to bother her all that much. BLESSINGS.

Is a crawling machine. I keep forgetting to put her in pants, so her poor little knees are almost always rug-burned. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to slow her down in the slightest. (I also trying really hard to remember to put her in pants more often...I just always get tempted by the little summer dresses because they are SO CUTE.) 

Is a very inconsistent waver. Lydia's interest in waving is hit or miss. Sometimes she will wave and wave and wave at anything and everything she sees. Other times she doesn't even have the slightest interest in waving at anything.

Sleeps in her own crip all night and during all naps! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me talk about sleep training once or twice...or three times or four times. haha! It was (and still is) a BIG DEAL around here these past couple weeks. I learned so much during that time and I've had quite a few people ask me about how it went, so I'm currently writing a separate post just about sleep training. (I'll be sure to link it here when I do.)

Always wants the food I am eating. Although Lydia can't talk, I'm constantly impressed with how good she is at communicating. If it's mealtime and I get too distracted eating and forget to give her a bite every now and then, she is very good at letting me know that she wants some! She has this little yell that she does that just the right amount of obnoxious to be incredibly effective. haha.

Babbles throughout the day. In addition to yelling, Lydia loves to babble. I would say that "Da" and "ba" are her most common sounds but there is an occasion "ma" in there and every time it makes me so excited for when she can start saying words! (Sidenote: I could have SWORN she said "hi" the other day when we were walking past a group of kids...) 

Kisses! First of all...I have to preface this. I never thought I would be "one of those people" who kisses their kids on the lips (I know...shame on me for judging!). Well...when Lydia was a newborn her little lips WERE JUST SO DANG CUTE and I wanted to kiss them. hahaha. That is so weird to write, but it's true, and I recently had a conversation with a friend in which she voiced all of the same things I felt so at least I'm not the only one?! Anyway, Lydia started kissing back a last week (i.e. opening her mouth and making a small hum sound) and I'm OBSESSED. (Now I just have this internal conflict of figuring out at what age a child is too old to kiss on the lips...)

Pulls herself up onto her feet. Within a week of crawling, Lydia was already starting to pull herself up to standing. She's still got a long way to go balance-wise before she'll be close to walking, but it seemed to happen out of nowhere!!! I looked over at her STANDING THERE looking at me and I was so shocked that I think I startled her and she fell over and bumped her head and she didn't like that very much hahha. (Also it's crazy how much this talent has improved even during the past week.)

Is small for her age. At her nine month check up, her official weight was 15.6 pounds! ...Which to put into perspective is in the 10th percentile for weight! She's also 33 inches tall, which is the 50th percentile for height. The doctor wasn't concerned because she is going along her trajectory just fine, but people almost always are surprised to find out that she's 9 months old because she is so small. (We recently got together with some friends whose 5 month old is almost six pounds heaver than Lydia...😂)

Grinds her teeth. One day while Lydia was sitting in the highchair she was impatiently waiting for me to get her some food for her and she started grinding her teeth together. It made THE MOST AWFUL sound! I obviously reacted (because it startled me and was so so painful to my ears) and apparently she thought my reaction was hilarious because she started laughing hysterically and then kept doing it. I have since tried to ignore it and not react when she does it, but she still smiles up at me every time. It is HORRID. I'm REALLY hoping this will be a fast-fading fad. 😁

Poops 3-5 times a day.... We had this great thing going where she would have a poopy diaper once a day or even every other day, and then sometime during the past few weeks she has been out of control with the pooping!!! (...I should also probably figure out when it's no longer socially acceptable to talk about your child's pooping patterns on the internet...)

High fives. I mentioned before that the waving is sporadic, but the high fives do not fail! She will give high-fives endlessly.

Will dive off chairs and/or couches if given the chance. Stephen wanted to put this one to the test, haha, so when we were at his Grandpa's house a couple weeks ago he set her on a recliner and stood a little ways away to see what she would do. She looked over the edge three or four times but didn't seem interested in getting off until Stephen and I got distracted talking and then she dove off the chair headfirst! Thankfully Stephen caught her just in time and that crisis was averted, haha, but I don't think we'll be trying that experiment again any time soon...

Doesn't like the texture of bananas. Lydia is funny when it comes to food. She rarely gets excited about it, but she yells until she gets it so it's very clear that she wants it. One food that she will hardly ever eat is bananas. I'll cut up little pieces and she'll put them in her mouth but then she'll open her mouth and then stick her tongue out until the banana falls out. haha. It's actually really funny (until she gets banana slime all over herself, the high chair, and me...).

No longer lets us clip her nails. And by "us" I mean Stephen. Stephen has always been really good about clipping Lydia's nails (a job I was much too big of a pansy to try) and she was usually cooperative. Unfortunately, those days are long over and she refuses to hold her hands still for more than 2 seconds. After Stephen gave up on clipping them, I tried to bite them and file them but neither worked. Suggestions are encouraged because her nails are RAZOR SHARP and goodness sakes does she know how to use them! Help.

Has officially been out as long as she was in (as of last Wednesday). I cannot stress enough how much infinitely faster the last nine months have gone compared to the previous nine...

We gave talks in church yesterday and I talked about being Lydia's mom for .2 seconds and started getting choked up. I'm a mess.

_ _ _

PS The emojis I talked about in my last post show up on my computer but not Stephen's...?

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