12:30 PM

180 tacos with Sophia and Riley // visiting my friend Ann in Santaquin, and watching her three year old eat a raw potato like it was an apple // trying Talenti gelato // looking through these pictures // Kennedy (my cousin's daughter) playing with Lydia // watching Tangled (probably my favorite cartoon movie of all time) // Lydia giving baby Finnley a kiss // family scattergories via skype (with Stephen joining from Mexico) // watching Stephen on TV!!! (see bottom-middle picture) // when Lydia fed me some of her zucchini bread // clearing out space on my phone! (It is SO nice not being notified it's out of storage 10+ times a day... //  putting Lydia's leggings under her onesie and helping her lead a workout to Eye of the Tiger (<-- if you're not following my insta-stories, you're really missing out 😂😂  ) // eating watermelon from the Gordon's garden // seeing some friends from Iowa at church yesterday // realizing it was seven years ago this past week that Stephen and I met for the first time


Stephen: "Why is your toenail...not symmetrical?"

Dad, while playing scattergories: "Jiggling belly fat is a BAD HABIT!”

Kimberly (the Gordon's friend):  "I didn't realize Jason Derulo was black! ...But, I've never seen him...if I had seen him, I would have realized."

Stephen went out of town on Thursday, so I've been trying to keep Lydia and myself really busy! Thankfully, with the help of friends and family we've had plenty to do and we've been managing to have a ton of fun (as long as we get to talk to him a few times a day ;))! Also, the fact that Lydia has been taking amazing naps the last couple days has made being a temporary-single-parent MUCH more manageable. Even when I stay up wayyyy later than I should 😜.

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