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I was just starting to compose Lydia's nine months post (insert shock that she will be nine months on Friday) when I realized that I wrote but never posted her 8 months post! Whyyyy are these updates so hard for me to remember?!

(Fact: I always have a handful of blog posts written that stay as "drafts" because I'm incredibly indecisive about the photos that should be posted with them. Is that lame or what?!)

But anyway, enough about me. At 8 months Lydia...

Has three teeth (and 3-4 that look like they will break through any day...) 

Will sit and play with toys // entertain herself for up to 25 minutes  (← HALLELUJAH) 

LOVES watching other babies and children (and takes it very personally if they choose to leave the room without her) 

Always wants dad if he's around (unless she's hungry, and then it's MOMM!!!) 

Has pretty much mastered the "army crawl" 

Loves drinking out of "adult cups" 

Will no longer keep on hats or bows for longer than a few minutes

Seems to understand when she's being put to sleep and doesn't like it (but will usually fall asleep fairly quickly after eating)

Thinks wind on her face is pretty funny

Isn't shy about smiling at strangers (as long as they don't try to hold her) 

Has curly hair that I usually put in one single curl on the front of her head (which people comment about a lot, haha) 

Rolls her hands and ankles and breathes really fast when she's excited 

Continues to be really happy and smiley, unless she is not feeling well (i.e. teething)

It's crazy re-reading this list and seeing how much she has changed over the past four weeks alone! 
_ _ _

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