Birthday Diva.

6:23 PM

Getting behind in blogging really is bad news. It is so daunting trying to get caught up because there are constantly new things to document!! This is precisely the reason I've never been a good journal writer. Whenever I did write in my journal growing up, I would spend so much time catching up I never got to record things that were going on AT THE TIME. With that being is installment number three of the "catch-up" blog series.

August 16th was my birthday! I'm not typically what I would consider a "birthday diva" but this year on my birthday when Stephen asked what I wanted on my sandwich for lunch...I told him I wanted fresh tomatoes. He made a look of silent protest when I said it, so I suggested that he sing happy birthday to me over and over again while cutting the tomatoes and putting them on the sandwich. (Does that scream DIVA or what?) To my delight he took my suggestion. HAHAHA. It was actually hilarious and I laughed almost the entire time. (He pretended like he hated it, but I know deep down he actually loved it ;) I think tomatoes are growing on him. HA!) [not really]

My second diva-ish act of the day was when I forced Stephen to help me get ready for the first week of school. (I know, I'm the worst.) Luckily I didn't have to go into my classroom, but I did have PLENTYYY of things that still needed to get done (with school starting in just a few short days) and he was gracious enough to assist me in little projects for almost 2 hours!

Mid-afternoon we headed up to Salt Lake, when diva-act number 3 appeared. I hadn't been able to sleep in that morning as much as I had hoped, so I slept the whole way to Salt Lake! Poor Stephen was so bored! He didn't even want to turn the radio on because he didn't want to disturb my sleep. 

Once we arrived in Salt Lake, we went to the Salt Lake Temple and did sealings. We had the wonderful opportunity to stand proxy for others so they could be sealed to their husband/wife for time and all eternity -- just as we had been able to do, 364 days previous. It was a joyous and powerful experience. I don't think either of us could have wiped the smiles off of our faces if we'd tried! I'm so lucky to be married to Stephen. (I'll save the sappy stuff for my next post about our 1 year anniversary. ;))

After the temple, we wandered around City Creek Mall for a bit and then went to dinner at the Cheesecake factory. It did not disappoint! 

I'm so grateful to everyone who called, texted, wished me a happy birthday on Facebook, and/or sent me a birthday card! I'm especially grateful to Stephen for making it such a great day :)

  ^^Unfortunately I forgot my real camera at home, so this low-quality phone pic is the only one I got. :(

Oh how I love my life! 

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