6:01 PM

filming and making this video // trying out Zao (we really liked it and would go again!) // seeing how excited Stephen was after spending a few hours catching pokemon at the Provo Library // getting eyelash extensions as trade for a photoshoot! // renting a red-line lens for a shoot for the first time // going to a Harry Potter party (which deserves its own post in the future) // discovering that the Centerville DI is 10x better (i.e. better clothes, more organized) than the Provo one // buying Lydia some really cute dresses at said DI (none of which fit her now haha) // homemade "waffle love" for Sunday brunch

I met Stephen at the check-out line of Costco, carrying two huge bags of (my favorite!!) Angie's Kettle corn.
Stephen: "Are you sure you only want two?!"

All of the pictures from this post are old, but they were saved on Stephen's phone and I had forgotten about them so I wanted to include them!

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