11:22 AM

TODAY IS THURSDAY but unfortunately this weeks' installment of FLOG will have to be postponed :( I'm a little sad that I don't have it ready, but I have a very thought-through video for this weeks' prompt (favorite place) and I want to get it right! Stay tuned ;) On a completely unrelated note...Lydia is OFFICIALLY CRAWLING. 

She'd been perfecting the army crawl for a couple weeks, and then earlier this week (or was it last week?! how does time go so quickly?!) she discovered that her knees were pretty helpful in this "mobilty" thing and she hasn't looked back since. As a matter of fact, yesterday I caught her PULLING HERSELF UP ONTO HER FEET for the first time without assistance. She turned to look at me with a "look at me now" sort of air, only to realize that she wasn't nearly as stable as she thought and she toppled over backwards (which gave her pride a good beating and she had a good cry about it, haha, thankfully her pride was the only thing that was injured).

This girl is learning so much every day and it is FREAKING ME OUT. I'm not ready for a teenager.

_ _ _

[I know these photos (especially the second one) are blurry, but that will just make them less likely to be stolen by creepy internet people, RIGHT?! Right.] 

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