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This week's challenge was a fashion/style video. The idea was to take one article of clothing and incorporate it into three different outfits, thus the prompt was titled: One to Three. While I appreciate that there are very talented fashion-savvy people out there...I am not one of them. haha. Not only does my wardrobe consist of about 7 t-shirts, a few shorts and pants...I couldn't think of a way to make a style video even remotely interesting. (I'm sure it's possible...I was just not feeling it.) 

The point of the challenge was to get people making videos, so I wanted to think of a way to take Riley/Emmy/Leah's prompt idea in a different direction. I brainstormed a couple different things, but the one that finally felt good was taking the idea of how I used to be one person...but now I'm three people. hahaha, okay I know that sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. Like, before I was married, I  was one person. It was just me and although my decisions impacted other people I was really just making decisions on what felt right for ME/what IIII needed. Then Stephen and I got married, so there was a shift to thinking/making decisions on behalf of two people...and now that Lydia has joined our family, we are THREE! (In the fact that we have to also take her into account for our choices/decisions.)  

Yes, I know it's a stretch, and making a video of us hanging out/interacting with Lydia isn't an original idea by a long shot, haha, but it sounded fun and I was excited about it, so I just went with it! (What is it about babies that makes people want to kiss them all the time?! Plus, when you're making a video with a baby, once she's done her three tricks...there's only so much more you can do. IN OTHER WORDS: We kiss Lydia a lot in this video. ahaha)

Here's an idea! Instead of focusing on how many times I kiss Lydia's squishy cheeks, look at the super cute dress Mom Olson made for Lydia because #TALENT.
The (copyright/royalty free!) song I found was pretty short and I thought about editing a loop into it to make it longer, but then I thought...how long will people want to watch Stephen, Lydia, and me standing in some tall grass before they get bored?! Like there's not a climax to the video or anything, and I'd hate to make anyone sit through a painfully long uninteresting video...so I kept it to 1:30. I had WAYYY more footage though (most of which included us kissing Lydia's cheeks, OBVI). What do you think, is it too short or just right?! (Or too long?? haha, be honest.)

Also, I included the clip at :42 simply because I thought my (day 4) hair looked dang good. #vanity

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(Check out Riley's Blog to see links of the other people who participated in the challenge and watch their videos!)

PS I watched a couple tips & tricks videos on youtube to help me use iMovie more effectively and I definitely learned some stuff which I thought helped! (Especially with adding text.) I still miss the freedom I had when I worked in Premiere, but with the 30 dollar/month price tag that comes with a Premiere subscription, I'll stick to my cheesey/much less sophisticated FREE iMovie (thankyouverymuch).

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  1. I say "just right!" :) Lydia couldn't have cooperated more for that video. She was SO smiley and I loved that you captured her "back-of-her-hand-to-her-mouth" trick! And the dress Marilyn made is DARLING!

    1. I'm glad! Although Grandmas might be a little biased as far as the length of the video goes ;) Thanks for watching!

  2. Wonderful video. You are so talented Hannah!

  3. Your video is the perfect amount of time! And it's so sweet. You'll definitely love to look back and re-watch this once she gets older.

    1. I'm glad you think so!! And yes, I want to continue making videos for that very reason!!!