9:30 AM

going to Gardner Village with my parents and Lydia getting a fairy kiss (sparkles in the shape of a star on her forehead - that you can still find traces of...almost two weeks later hahaha) // celebrating Grandpa Olson's 95th birthday // spending a few days at the cabin in West Yellowstone // two ladies in costco stopping us for 5 minutes so they could admire Lydia // finding "Limitless" (TV SHOW!) on Netflix and binge watching the first 5 episodes with Stephen (it's good! ...but was cancelled after the first season so don't get too attached....booo) // listening to Mom and Dad Olson play piano duets (and then play as part of a quartet!) //going to my first "craft day" with my cousins on my dad's side  // getting to spend five days with Stephen (because of the three day weekend and then him taking a couple days off to go to Montana) // when this happened at church yesterday

Grandpa Olson on his 95th Birthday, "When you get to be as old as I can hug whoever you want!"

Mom Olson (while playing a difficult piano duet), "I can't trill."
Dad Olson, "Oh, but I like your trills!"

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