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^^HAHAHA. This little girl's facial expressions KILL me.


I have this problem with expectations. The problem being, mine are usually unrealistically high. ha! Most commonly I have too high of expectations for movies or restaurants, but it could be anything, really. As I've gotten older I've tried to be more grounded with my expectations (Stephen also helps by often reminding me to lower them, which I appreicate, haha). Even though I might be (more often than I like to admit) disappointed in the little things here and there, I am so so so grateful that the big and really important things in my life have far exceeded my expectations.

Being a mom brings me more joy than I ever could have anticipated. It is my passion, my calling, and I can without-a-doubt say it has exceeded my expectations. I know motherhood can be a difficult topic for a lot of people, and for some, motherhood isn't the things they expected. It's different for everyone and that's okay. No one should feel guilty for having too high of expectations for something they've never experienced before.

Being a mom is hard. It can be lonely and the days are often long. At times it is frustrating and requires every ounce of patience I have (and then some) -- but I expected that. What I didn't expect was just how much fun I'd be having along the way.

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