1:50 PM

I'm going to try to make these a habit again - we'll see how long it lasts!

Lydia entertaining herself for AN HOUR so I could get stuff done around the house #miracle // this article on being a mom of a lot of kids // finding little harper rae on insta and becoming obsessed // Lydia finally fitting into the overalls Mom Olson got her // getting my jotoes camera bag in mail free of charge (thanks to an instagram giveaway I won a few months back!!!) // this blogpost by the daybook (especially the part about post pregnancy bladder control - I actually laughed out loud) // Bon telling me she stalked The Alison Show on instagram after reading my blogpost // Maddie's chocolate applesauce cake // Lydia loving the zucchini soup my aunt made // finding cute $9 shorts at walmart (thanks for the tip, Had!!) // when Lydia's hair parted into a mustache // visiting Stephen at work and putting Lydia on the chair at his desk // celebrating Stephen's first father's day as a dad

Erin (3 years): "When are you going to have a boy baby? Why aren't you pregnant already?"

At the checkout counter at Walmart buying a scrub daddy:
Cashier: "Oh cute!! Is that for father's day?!"
Me: "'s just a sponge..."

_ _ _

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