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I'm sure I won't be winning any awards for originality on this one, but hear me out.

One day, whilst browsing Pinterest, I saw the suggestion of putting fresh fruit (i.e. strawberries) and peanut butter on bread as a new take on the classic peanut butter&jelly sandwich. HOW HAD I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?! I love peanut butter but jam/jelly grosses me out (always has, I just think it's gross*) but fresh fruit is delicious, so I decided to try it.

I'm not really sure how that original lunch idea morphed into this breakfast creation, (other than from seeing all of the gourmet toast posts on instagram) but I've been LOVING my breakfasts lately, so I wanted to spread (peanut butter pun) the news of this breakfast that I'm nuts (yes, there's another) about.

Just in case the photo isn't self-explanatory enough...

Lightly toast bread
Spread layer of peanut butter
Drizzle a bit of honey
Sprinkle on some sliced almonds
Top with fresh strawberries (or other fresh fruit of choice, but I do like strawberries for the subtle crunch they provide -- I'm a texture person) 

I will say I was shocked, but just one piece keeps me full for at least a few hours!
_ _ _ 

*There is ONE exception to the jam-is-gross rule because strawberry freezer jam, well, is my jam. ;)

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