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HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the perfect dad for our little Lydia Lynn! I expressed some thoughts about seeing Stephen as a dad back here, shortly after Lydia was born, and six months later, I can attest that my words still ring true!

I always knew Stephen would be the best dad and I hate to be all "I-told-you-so" about it but I was 100% right. (Not that anyone was doubting it, haha.) The joy that he gets from interacting with Lydia makes my heart want to burst!  When they're together there is an almost constant stream of, "She's just so dang cute!" coming out of his mouth and it makes me smile every. time. 

I think I've said it 1,564 times, but the timing of having Lydia when we did (even if it wasn't quiiiite the timing we had planned) could not have been more perfect. Both Stephen and I loved having a baby while he was finishing up school and while he had a flexible schedule. Then, spending an entire month (vagabond-ing it) as a family of three before Stephen started working full-time was perfect. Now that Stephen is working, the dynamic has changed a bit, and we miss him a lot during the day, but seeing Lydia's big smile of recognition when he comes home is truly the stuff dreams are made of. 

Happy First Father's Day to the guy who will carry Lydia up and down the stairs over a dozen times to help her calm down enough fall asleep, and who insists on changing her diaper when he can because "You change A LOT more diapers than I do, so when I'm around I should change them!"

Oh how lucky Lydia and I are to have you! 
_ _ _

PS Also wishing the happiest of Father's Days to my Dad and Dad Olson! Thanks for being such great examples of everything a father should be! 

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