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Remember when I was so on top of things and was doing a Lydia update every month...? Yeah... that didn't last very long...WOOPS! That just makes this one extra special because she's changed so much since the last one, right?!

At seven months, Lydia...

Has two teeth. The first one broke through the day after her half birthday, and the second one broke through last Sunday! Although I was partial to her toothless grin, I have to admit that she's pretty darn cute with two bottom teeth, too ;)

Can sit without assistance. Lydia has been sitting with a little assistance for a few weeks, but as of Tuesday she finally got the balance thing a little more under control and can now sit for long periods of time. Stephen and I both feel that this sitting is much-too-adult for our baby to be doing....

Has blue eyes and [strawberry] blonde hair. We're both pretty surprised at how light her hair is, and usually it looks dirty blonde, but lately the red-undertones have been showing through more and more. (Especially in direct sunlight.) It seems like every time we go in public people comment on her beautiful blue eyes, and as blue as they are, they still have a ways to go before they are as blue as Stephen's. (At temple square last week, a group of Asians asked to take a picture of her, so she's BASICALLY a celebrity now. #notsurprised) 

Loves to click her tongue. She will seriously click her tongue all day long, but can't for the life of her do it on command. haha. There have been multiple times times where I've clicked my tongue at her in an effort to get her to click hers, and she tries to, but instead she just scrunches her face up and starts doing this weird winking thing. IT IS HILARIOUS. When we were at the grocery store the other day (and she was sitting in the cart - which was so cute I almost couldn't handle it) she was just clicking her tongue over and over and over. So many people commented about it, haha.

Waves. She started kind of waving a few weeks ago, but it is getting more intentional now. Before she was just kind of rolling her wrist because she discovered she could do such a thing. Now, she seems to be waving at people but is still figuring out that when people wave at her, she should wave back.

Always has to know what's going on. You might find it rather shocking that Stephen and I have produced an extremely social baby (haha). Lydia always has to be looking at people and taking in her surroundings. This is particularly annoying when I'm trying to feed her in the mother's lounge at church, because if there are other people in there she will just sit and stare at them (with the occasional wave and tongue click.) She WILL NOT eat if there is something to look at -- even if it's just a sleeping baby that isn't making any noise. (I think after today I've decided I should just stop trying to feed her at church because it's really not going to happen.) 

Has the happiest giggle I've ever heard. Yeah, I get it, you probably think I'm biased. And maybe I am, a little, but when this girl thinks something is funny she lets you know it and I honestly don't think I've heard anything filled with more delight. The other day we were playing a game where she would throw her toy and I would try to catch it and throw it back. She was laughing so hard that I could literally feel my chest being warmed from the inside. As ridiculous as that sounds, I am 100% serious.

Is pretty indifferent to most of the foods she's tried. Lydia is still predominantly breastfed, but once she was 6 months old we started introducing solids. (I plan to do another post about that topic specifically.) Over the course of the last month(ish) Lydia has tried the following foods:
Avocado, banana, lettuce, spinach, watered-down apple juice, applesauce, apple slices, spaghetti, guacamole, hummus, life cereal, honey-nut cheerios, peanut butter, peas, yogurt, bread (wheat, white, and sourdough), tortillas, watermelon, lime, orange, scrambled egg, and a few other things that I'm probably forgetting...

...and mayyybeee sampled a little bit of: whipped cream, frosting, Hokulia, ice cream, and frozen yogurt. (Definitely didn't plan on giving her sugary-sweets so young, but it is what it is! I guess you never really know what you'll do until the situation arises, haha.) 

She really makes no reaction to weather she likes the food or not with one exception: ICE. She looooves ice. haha. So random, I know, but she really does love it. When I was feeding it to her the other day she would get so impatient while waiting for the next little piece. She would start shaking her hands and legs and start taking in quick burst of air until I gave her another one. It was hilarious.

No longer likes getting her diaper changed. I knew that one wouldn't last very long, haha, but one can dream.

Loves eating paper, wipes, and diapers. The paper and wipes she actually eats (oops #momfail) and she loves to chew on diapers (clean ones - don't worry) but hasn't swallowed any piece of one yet to my knowledge, haha.

Has a love/hate relationship with the stroller. It's like this: sometimes she loves it, other times she hates it. There is no rhyme or reason as to which reaction she will give. When she hates it...she will literally scream at the top of her lungs until you get her out. It's lovely...

Is awfully dramatic. Again, this one was rather shocking considering who her parents are ;) but it really is hilarious to see the things she will do to get attention. I'm sure it will only get more so as she gets older. Yikes. **See pouty-face picture above that I think is hysterical...

I'm sure there are more things I'm forgetting, but at least there's a list so we can remember what Lydia was like at 7 months. It is honestly unbelievable how quickly the months fly by.

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  1. cute pictures!!! did you make that hair bow? Loving the updates!

    1. Thanks!! And no, I didn't make the bow, I won it in an instagram giveaway -- maybe you would know about those if you'd jump on the instagram wagon already!! ;)