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getting semi-settled in my Aunt&Uncle's house and discovering all my favorite things (i.e. Costco, Cafe Rio, & Target**) are just minutes away!!! // spending memorial day in provo with the Sheffields/Sievers // getting Lydia on a semi-consistant sleeping schedule (until Wednesday...) // interacting with Lydia and finding "games" that she enjoys // FROZEN GRAPES // finally setting up the monitor so I don't have to ask "Did you hear Lydia?!" "Was that Lydia?!" every 5 seconds // going to dinner with some of Stephen's work people and getting to meet them & learn more about the company // the chicken meatballs on sample at costco // the new breakfast I discovered and haven't gotten sick of yet (will do a separate post because you NEED this in your life) // Lydia being so content in the car when I had to drive to Lehi and back on Monday (long story...) <-- Shoutout to Isaac for meeting me in Lehi so I didn't have to drive all the way to provo! // helping Lydia drink out of a REAL cup and seeing how excited she was about it // hanging out with Chels and Jess and trying Blue Lemon for the first time // when Lydia sat still for a whole 10 minutes to watch a netflix show with me (the fact that she sat mostly still for 10 whole minutes is definitely a record - this girl is a squirmer!) // being able to hang out with Stephen a little bit yesterday after not really seeing him for two days!

This happened when we were in Texas visiting my sister, but it was so funny it needs to be documented:

Talking about The Alison Show - Me: "She has over 80 thousand followers on Instagram, but I feel like I know her because we danced together at a party one time."
Reb: "Did you talk to her?? How did you know it was her?!"
Me:"...Because she threw the party and I paid 20 bucks to go!"
Rebekah: "...You seriously paid 20 bucks to go?!?! That is so embarrassing!"
^^What Rebekah doesn't know is that I actually paid $25 (hahaha)

_ _ _

**Sadly, this Target did not have quiiiite the same feel that the Orem target does, so that was a little disappointing. A point to illustrate: There were only TWO options for sippy cups!! The Orem one probably has 20 different options and that is not an exaggeration! Not to mention the store overall was giving some definite 90s vibes...

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