8:00 AM

^^Lydia's "cheese-er face" // Three of my cousin's kids calling out the fact that Lydia wore the same outfit two days in a row // scrambled eggs in a cup // two shows I watched on Netflix last summer that now have more episodes! (Royal pains and Cedar Cove) // painting my nails ombre (kind of) thanks to emmy's inspiration and Campbell's knowledge of how to do it // the southern gentleman from sodalicious // a family barbecue on monday // slowly learning the geography of the cities north of salt Lake // having two photoshoots and being able to catch up with old friends // my parents coming to town for my dad's 40th high school reunion // finding some cute clothes and a baby carrier for $5 at a garage sale // going to the air show at hill air force base // getting Cafe Rio while waiting for AAA to let us back into our car after I locked the keys in it // Lydia laying on the charm at church // my friend Bonnie watching Lydia while I was at a photoshoot - thanks again Bon, you're THE BEEEST.

Me: I came to a realization today.
Stephen: What?
Me: If I'm at a restaurant and there is a burger on the menu, I can't not order it.

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