The Night Before Christmas [&More]

9:45 AM

^^When Lydia sleeps in this pose I can't help but think of these Asian waving cat toys. haha!

Christmas Eve this year was perfect. Dad Olson made probably the most professional-homemade Christmas Eve feast I've ever seen! It was a ton of work, but the table before dinner looked like something straight out of a magazine, and it tasted even better! After dinner we had a little program where we sang some hymns and everyone shared a favorite scripture. Christmas Eve is always an especially good time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and this year I felt had particular significance. (More on that in this post.)

The rest of the break was comprised of many hilarious rounds of Scattergories (with responses like "wastrels" and "raiment" -- what could be more entertaining?!), organ concerts, piano duets, guardian angels (in the event of one car accident and the prevention of another), a photoshoot for the Birt Family, Pancheros, an outing to see The Force Awakens, making pajama pants, meeting up with some of Stephen's friends, eating Chicken A and Chicken B, watching Sarah play Spatoon, acting out the Nativity, coloring in the geometric shapes coloring book we got for Christmas, taking pictures, and gushing over how cute Lydia is when she smiles (and laughs!). 

I am so grateful for the family I married into and the one that I'm a part of! 
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