Merry Happy List(s): 14 & 15

5:12 PM

^^love me some fake lashes ;)

List 14: 12/17/2015 (Forgot to post this one, whoops!)
using gauze (from when I got my wisdom teeth out) as a make-shift burp cloth when I forgot to put one in the diaper bag for Lydia (#momfail) // the cheeses on sample at costco // Stephen being done with finals!!!! // Lydia's toothless smiles // not swelling after getting my wisdom teeth out last week // Carlin's fail-proof orange julius recipe // seeing JERU friends at a Christmas fireside on Sunday (Lydia's popularity made me feel popular too, haha) // introducing people to the shopping math video  // watching as many cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies as I possibly can // telling Lydia the story about the wide-mouthed frog // going to dinner with my Jerusalem roommates // Jess' Christmas Party // seeing Ann and meeting her cute baby Marian // the snow + Mannheim Steamroller making it feel like Christmas-time

List 15: 1/4/2015
the fact that Lydia has already been to Cafe Rio FOUR times in her short little life (yes, her parents might be addicted...) // accidentally putting diaper rash cream on my hands thinking it was lotion // when Lydia wears her fuzzy hat with the bear ears // watching Fixer-Upper and imagining a life with Joanna as my best friend // our matching christmas pajamas // a really fun new years eve party // when we give Lydia her pacifier and she makes a face like its the most disgusting thing she's ever tasted // getting eyelash extensions FREE from a giveaway I won on instagram :) //

I'm not sure I'll be able to do it...but I'm going to TRY to start posting a MerryHappy list each Monday. (Emily has inspired me because she's the mastermind behind the Happy Lists and she just posted her 99th list!) Here's to hoping I can make it at least a month!
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PS the giveaway I won was through Kaizen lashes and I would 100% recommend them!

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