Lydiaisms [2 Months]

10:18 PM

Seeing as Lydia will be ELEVEN weeks old this coming Thursday (can you believe it?!!?) it's HIGH time I did her two-month post!


Reaching for toys. She just has one toy right now (which at the moment is really all she needs) and she loves it! She will sit and just stare at it for like 10 minutes! Sometimes she will raise her arms like she's trying to grab it. She clearly doesn't have the coordination to grab it yet, haha, but the fact that she is reaching for it is new, and as first time parents, all new things are exciting things ;)

Smiling. Lydia continues to be a happy baby! Like any baby, she has her grumpy times, but Stephen and I are getting MUCH better at figuring out what the problem is, so she is usually very pleasant! (Although I have to admit she's been pretty grumpy the last few days, unfortunately.) We're also learning surefire ways to get a smile from her. Stephen especially loves it when she sticks her tongue out when she smiles -- it's stinkin' adorable.

Laughing! This one should technically go in her "three month" post because it really just started this past Thursday, but I'm just so excited about it, I can't wait a whole month to post it! She has been so close to laughing for the past couple weeks, and she did laugh once when we were in Iowa for Christmas, but since she finally figured it out for real this past Thursday - she's been laughing every day since! We are SERIOUSLY loving it. 

Loving bath time. (Except for when it's time to get OUT of the bath and into clothes...more on that later..)

Grabbing. She's started grabbing onto fingers, her clothes, her blankets and her own hands! When she is in her "swaddler" she can't have her hands by her face (which is usually her preference) so she will clasp her hands together by her waist and I think it's pretty cute.

Not minding diaper changes. We haven't quite figured out if it's just the changing pad she likes or just getting a fresh diaper, but she almost always clams down and gets very relaxed during diaper changes.

Chatting. She is quite the chatty-cathy these days! She tries out all different types of sounds, and it's my favorite when we have little "conversations" because I will say something to her and then she will respond in her nonsensical sounds and then we go back and forth. It's probably one of those weird things that only moms love, but I can assure you, I LOVE it. haha. Stephen always says it's crazy to think that she won't actually start talking for like a year because it really seems like real words will come out of her mouth any day now! She often makes a sound that sounds EXACTLY like, "hi!" and we find it hilarious every single time. 

Hating getting dressed! I think I can count on one hand the number of times she hasn't cried when we've had to change her clothes. She HATES it! Yesterday when we were putting a dress on her before church, she was screaming so intensely you would have thought we were seriously hurting her! It's really quite sad and prevents me from changing her clothes unless its really necessary. haha. (Should I admit that? #woops)

Sleeping. Lydia continues to be a rockstar sleeper and we continue to count our blessings! We already know that we need to have a major "lowering of sleeping expectations" before the next one comes along. (She usually wakes up to eat once between 10 pm and 9:00 am...Yes, I KNOW how unbelievable this is.)

Pouting. Her pouty face is the most adorably-heartbreaking thing I've ever seen! It is seriously so sad but also so so so cute. The crying that inevitably comes after the pouty-face, however, is much less cute. haha.

Eye-brow raising. I'm constantly impressed with how expressive her eyebrows are! People often comment about it, haha. She almost always has them raised really high, which opens her eyes really wide and gives her a very surprised look. (You can kind of see it in the pictures at the top of the post, but I think it's even more dramatic in real life.)

Kicking. This girl looooves to kick! She is particularly good at kicking off all blankets and she can even pinch skin in between her little toes when she's kicking us. Sometimes she's a cuddler, but when she's not in the mood she lets you know it by kicking and squirming with all her might!

Although I still don't really think she looks like either one of us, we've had at least four people comment within the last week that they think she looks like Stephen, so I guess it must be kinda true! What do you think?!
_ _ _

PS Because I'm posting this today, the happy list is being postponed until tomorrow, but I promise there will still be one this week! 

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  1. I love the crayons. :) I can't believe she is that old either!!!