Merry Happy List: 17

7:17 PM

getting a Christmas package from Anne (my German sister ;)) and her family! // visiting Grandpa Olson in Salt Lake // thealisonshow replying to my comment on her instagram photo // LYDIA LAUGHING // having two people tell me they enjoy reading my blog // finally getting around to finishing Lydia's two month post // when I was visiting my friend Ann, and her baby was on her lap and Lydia was on my lap - they kept smiling back and forth at each other and it was SO ADORABLE my heart just about burst! // having Alyssa come over for dinner // Lydia humming in her sleep // reaching 125 followers on my photography instagram // when Lydia holds onto my finger with her whole hand

Me: "Lydia, you're so cute in the bath."
Stephen: "Did you just say 'you're so cute and fat'?!"

_ _ _

PS Thank you AGAIN, Anne, for the package! Love you!!

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