Merry Happy List: 16

4:57 PM

^^You may have read on instagram about our semi-failed attempt to take family pictures in the mountains. This is the ONE picture we got that I like..and Lydia's hat is crooked and covering 1/4 of her face! haha. But hey, at least we got one, right?! :)

last week when the fried rice I made for dinner ended up smelling like wet dog so I gave up and made bagels that I burnt to a crisp! I probably would have cried but Stephen managed to make me laugh through the whole thing rather than be depressed  // FINALLY finding the *perfect moccasins and wearing them constantly // Lydia jabbering for a solid 3 minutes last night when we were going to sleep (Stephen said she just really wanted to get in on our pillow talk, haha) // seeing my friend Ashley and getting the super cute cross stitch she made for Lydia // homemade pico (made by Stephen, thankfully, since my kitchen skills were clearly lacking ^^see above) // getting a NEW LENS as a belated christmas present! (Thanks Mom&Dad Olson & Stephen :)) // shoe shopping with my little sister, Miriam // playing scattergories twice (<-- can one of my new years resolutions be to play scattergories every week this year? because I think I might actually stick with that one hahaha)

Quote of the week:
me: "Oh Lydia is so cute all bundled up!"
Stephen: "What about a bungalow??"

_ _ _

*in my opinion, perfect moccasins are soft & comfy, have decent soles, not ugly and under $15. #walmartforthewin

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  1. Love the picture! We are taking pictures up the canyon this weekend! Hoping to not freeze to death :)