Merry Happy List: 18

10:12 PM

^^getting looked at like an insane person when I went to the park in my sweats with my CRAZY hair, a screaming, bundled Lydia (who thankfully promptly fell asleep), and carrying a curling iron and curling wand & snapping chatting Stephen the whole thing (explanation: I was meeting someone who wanted to buy them from provo indoor yardsale, but she was about 10 minutes late so I just hung out at the park) // squeezing Lydia into a newborn-sized diaper because we had a huge pack of size 1s from Amazon coming the next day and we didn't want to have to buy more...only to have the newborn size be 100% ineffective and make a huge mess everywhere hahaha (see first picture of Lydia covered in pee...) // singing popcorn popping to Lydia and making her laugh (Stephen said it best, "It was just so dang cute I wanted to explode!") // Lydia was crying for like 30 minutes straight and I was going a little bit crazy, so I said, "Baby. I'm sick of yo' sass!" and then she started laughing (only to continue her crying about a minute later...) // the fire drill during relief society // winning Emily's 100th Happy List Giveaway! // when Lydia stopped crying after I turned on my cousin Sarah's CD // a random stranger in LoLos [THE BEST grocery store -- if you live in provo you need to shop there] coming over and offering to rock Lydia in her carseat because we were trying to check out and she had been screaming her head off for a sold 15 minutes // Lydia in her Baymax suit (see top right photo) // Lydia not crying during tummytime!! (<-- this is HUGE) 

Stephen and I always alternate saying praters before bed. Apparently whenever I lose my train of thought during a prayer, my "go to" is thanking God for the weather. I didn't know this consciously, but Stephen has made this observation on multiple occasions (but never out loud). Anyway, I lost my train of thought and then I said the weather and Stephen started laughing..that's when I realized that I actually had no clue what the weather had even been like that day because I hadn't gone outside or even looked outside a window! Hahaha - needless to say, I now have a goal to be more intentional with my prayers ;)

Stephen after doing the laundry: "All of the clothes are dry except for this one sock. . .which is very wet. . .probably because it didn't make it into the dryer."

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