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The snow is back, and after a few weeks of balmy 50-60 degree weather, it feels like an extra-icey slap in the face. Obviously I knew the snow wasn't gone for good, we live in Utah and it is only February for goodness sake, but that doesn't mean all the consecutive days of warm weather didn't get me itching for spring. Lydia recently discovered that she LOVES being outside and at about that same time she came to the realization that the stroller actually wasn't some sort of torture device (!), and going on walks in the fresh air became a daily habit for us, so I think we're both extra excited for when the weather decides to warm up for good this year.

Although I'm bummed about the weather, it's probably for the best since we've been all fighting the world's most vicious cold this past week and wouldn't have been able to take advantage of the warm weather (had it been here) anyway! (Lydia had a fever for six days straight! And although I think we've all gotten through the fever stage finally, the coughing and sore throat stage is still in full force.) Plus, watching the snow through my bedroom window reminded me that I never posted these photos we took back at the beginning of January!

In the sake of full disclosure, on a snowy, Sunday afternoon in January (not long after seeing this post on Taza's blog) we went outside with the sole purpose of taking pictures in the falling snow (some of which were captured with the use of camera remote and tripod) and I'm not even mad about it. Because 😍
^^We're guessing these "snow clouds" were caused by a snowblower?!

I'm not particularly crazy about snow to begin with, but even I have to admit that watching falling snow is pretty magical.

It's just too bad that the stuff has to be so dang cold. And people have to drive in it.
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  1. I always love the photos you capture! I love these ones especially. And man... Utah winters though. :/

    1. Thank you so much!!! I was happy with how these turned out because it was snowing, but it was DUMPING. haha. I've tried to take pictures in basically blizzard conditions and they did NOT turn out well 😂😂 Spring couldn't come fast enough this year!!

    2. **wasN'T dumping. Should have proofread 🙈