11:52 AM

. . . is reading "the doggie book" with Lydia and watching her point out the dog on each page while exclaiming, "doggie!"

. . . is finding any excuse to go on a walk because Lydia (seemingly overnight) decided she loves the stroller.

. . . is laughing at all the things Lydia dances to.

. . . is taking Lydia to the park and trying to keep my distance as she explores, pushing away constant worry that she's going to fall off of something onto her head.

. . . is watching Lydia's excitement over things she's never seen or experienced before, like blowing bubbles.

. . . is always making sure we have Kiki before leaving the house.

. . . is trying to find the energy to clean the kitchen after Lydia's asleep even though I would much rather crawl into bed.

. . . is watching Lydia watch videos of herself on repeat.

. . . is tickle fights every day.

. . . is finding foods that Lydia will eat that have at least some amount of nutritional value.

. . . is smothering Lydia in hundreds of kisses daily.

. . . is playing peek-a-boo.

. . . is watching Lydia eat a sandwich by herself and wondering how in the world we got here already.

. . . is attempting to unload the dishwasher before a certain someone tries to climb inside it.

. . . is finding Lydia's toys under the sink, in random drawers, and in the laundry baskets.

. . . is responding to "mama" hundreds of times a day, knowing full well only a handful of them are directed at me.

. . . is watching Lydia be sick and wishing I could be sick instead of her.

. . . is constant excitement and fear about adding a second baby to our family in just 10(ish) weeks.

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