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We're pretty into podcasts over here.

Stephen listens to them on his way to and from work and I listen to them while I'm playing with Lydia/making dinner/doing the dishes/driving in the car/etc. so much of our evening+dinner conversation revolves around a podcast one of us listened to that day.

One concept that is often talked about in podcasts we both listen to (him, me) is the concept of "side-hustles." A side hustle is something you do outside of your full-time job that you enjoy and earns you a little extra money.

Since I consider parenting Lydia my full-time job, my photography and this blog are both "side hustles" for me, but Stephen hasn't ever had a "side hustle" and while eating dinner a few weeks ago we started brainstorming ideas for something he could start.

(We have a few ideas for side-hustles we want to do together in the future, but we wanted to find him something in the meantime.)

The next morning I saw this post on instagram calling for a "Dad's Eye View Blogger." Since Stephen is a very talented writer and writing is something he enjoys doing, I immediately sent the information to him. He quickly wrote-up an email with a few blog post ideas, sent it off that night, and within a few days he was hired!

We both find it mildly hilarious that he is now a weekly contributor to a blog sponsored by Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, but personally I find it increases his man-cred rather than diminishes it 😏 (which he was worried about for only a short time before accepting the position, haha).

Maybe I'll have to pester him into guest posting on my blog sometime now that he's a legit blogger with his own bio and everything. 😏😂
_ _ _

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  1. Um, yes. This is awesome. Keep linking to his posts! I will read them all! haha

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