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First of all, THANK YOU to everyone for your support of the video in my last post! All of your positive feedback has encouraged me to make more videos. (Now I just need content ideas, so feel free to send them my way...😏)

I've mentioned (probably too any times...) that my all-time favorite blog is LoveTaza. Naomi and her husband are lifestyle bloggers that live in New York City and occasionally make "Let's Chat" videos where they talk about different topics relating to living in New York/parenting/ their relationship and I always find them so entertaining! After all the encouragement from my last video, I decided Stephen and I should attempt to make our own "Let's Chat" video! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this first one talks a little bit about how we met.

Turns out...interview-style videos are hard 🙈! We don't come across nearly as conversational/ effortless as Taza and her husband do in their videos, haha!

Despite this first attempt that could be considered a flop (and I almost didn't post due to particularly unflattering camera angles😬) , I really want to make more of these because I think we'll love re-watching them in years to come and they're a fun way to record our life history! (Plus, they're only bound to get better....RIGHT?!)

(We actually filmed quite a but more than what is in this video, but Lydia bumped the tripod at some point which caused the camera to focus on the kitchen behind us and made (10+ minutes of) the footage completely useable! ...Which was probably a good thing because 10+ minutes of this would have been entirely too long, 😳 ha!)
Any ideas for what we should film about next?!
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  1. Hannah this was so adorable! Her eyes and his! So jealous of those pretty eyes. Love that story.
    I want to hear how your first date was!
    Andrea Snow