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A couple weeks ago the RootsTech conference (which centers around Genealogy & Family History) took place in Salt Lake. I didn't attend the conference, but one of my friends posted a link on Facebook that broadcasted different segments of the conference online. Since I spend most of the day at home with Lydia, I was able to listen to a few hours of the conference and found it really interesting! I was especially excited to be able to listen to one of my favorite bloggers (LoveTaza) and her husband give the Friday morning keynote address. 

When you think about it, blogging is kind of a weird concept - what is it about certain people and blogs that draw thousands and millions of readers every month? Naomi and Josh touched on this during their presentation, and the answer they came up with? STORIES. People love stories, and learning about other people's stories connects you to them. It doesn't matter if they are some random person you've never met living on the other side of the world, if they are a distant relative, or maybe an ancestor that lived 100 years ago - people feel connected through stories. 

“Some people might say, ‘I’m not really sure I have a story. They might say, ‘There’s not much to my story’ or ‘No one would be interested,’ but we want to tell you that you do and there is and they would be. You’re already writing your own story, whether you like it or not. The exciting part is it’s up to you to choose how you want to live and how your story will go. Your story doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s story because it’s yours.” -Josh Davis (as quoted in THIS ARTICLE by Deseret News)

I've mentioned before on my blog that I enjoy blogging and I do it primarily for myself. I like that it's a form of record keeping, and I enjoy writing and taking pictures, so blogging really is the perfect outlet/hobby for me. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I also like blogging because it's interactive. I like that it's out there on the internet for other people to read. I LOVE it when people tell me that they read my blog. I LOVE when people leave comments and acknowledge that my blog exists. I love that blogs connect me with friends that I haven't seen or talked to in a long time and makes me feel like I'm friends with people I've never met!

“Sometimes I feel like, 'Why do people want to tune in or follow along? Because I’m not climbing Mount Everest or starring in some big Broadway show. So much of my life is just the everyday, but I really do believe that the everyday is such a beautiful thing if you live your everyday with purpose.” -Naomi Davis

Listening to this keynote address made me proud to have a blog! It made me even more excited to record little tidbits from the everyday. It made me want to redouble my efforts to share STORIES (<--something that I plan to do more of!) 

Thank you for taking time to read my blog! I really do appreciate it, 
_ _ _

PS If you don't have a blog, you should start one! I would love to read it! If you do have a blog and I don't follow it already, let me know! I'm always looking for more blogs to follow :)

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  1. Love this, and I second that last paragraph! I wish more of my friends would start blogs. I would love to hear their everyday stories and see their everyday pictures. I hear of a lot of people who have let Instagram replace their blogging, but I'll always prefer blogs because I feel like they helps me get to know people in a real way.

    1. Yes! Everyone should blog! Haha. And I've heard that about Instagram too and it makes me sad. I definitely enjoy Instagram, don't get me wrong ;), but to me, blogging is so much more than a snapshot and caption.

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    1. Thanks Taylor! You're the perfect example of someone I've really only met once, but I feel like we are good friends because I read your blog :)

  3. Just thought you should know I LOVE reading your blog!!! :)