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cashing in our free burrito coupons at chipotle // having Alyssa and Bon over for dinner // receiving my "happy package" from Emily  // watching fixer-upper with Madi and Campbell // going on a walk to the park with Mad & 4 kids under the age of 4 // the WARMTH (outside) // BBQing burgers with our friends The Sheffields and Churches - we're sure gonna miss them when everyone moves this summer! :(( // bouncing (ever so lightly) on the trampoline with Lydia and making her laugh really really hard // trying "thai rolled ice cream" at Roll With It Creamery <-- I had the strawberry shortcake with nutella and I highly recommend it! // finding the PERFECT light-wash jeans at old navy && them being on sale // coloring in Lydia's eyebrows // Stephen's football intramural game where Lydia was ZONKED out and Stephen caught three touchdown passes // tying the string of a helium balloon to Lydia's buttons so she could have something to look at (it kept her entertained for like 20 minutes!) // monthly family skype&scattergories // posting to my snapstory and then making stephen watch it because he's one of like 5 people that follow me on snapchat (haha) // putting flower-sunglasses on Lydia // my cousin Sarah and her fiancé bringing us a delicious crockpot dinner :) 

"Let's write mommy: M-O-M." -Kimbal, age 4

A thought on happy lists: I've mentioned before that I have a hard time knowing how to be REAL (aka not "fake") on social media while also not bringing negativity to a space that already has too much of it. I don't do these happy lists every week to brag about how wonderful my life is or to make people think my life is better than theirs. Trust me - I have my struggles both personally (this week I made the goal to brush my hair everyday and so far I'm 2 for 2 which is already a drastic improvement from last week! ha!) and as a mom (last Thursday I accidentally scratched Lydia in the forehead and made her bleed - now she has a scab!) but I record these lists because it's a great reminder for me to focus on the little things every day that make me laugh and make me happy. I have an amazing life and I love it - but I promise it's not perfect! My friend Emily (who inspired me to start recording these) explained why she started writing them in this post . She learned in a class that people who make a weekly list of things they are happy about/grateful for:

-  tend to be happier and more satisfied with their lives

- are more observant and aware of the small beautiful things in day to day life that are normally overlooked

Isn't that cool?! It's such a simple thing and it increases happiness! You should try writing one and see if it makes a difference in your life,
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  1. Great comments and great idea to list things you are thankful for! BTW I'm thankful for you! :)