Merry Happy List: 19

9:38 AM

getting a whole box of hairbows for Lydia from my old roommate Bryn and her mom! // the lady at target being super annoyed when Taylor and I forgot our stuff on the checkout counter because we were too busy talking (hahahah is it bad that she was so bugged with us it made me laugh?) // making ALL the crockpot dinners & loving them // Lydia spitting out her pacifier so she could suck on the side of the wrap instead // seeing photos I've taken for other people as I scroll through my facebook feed // when one of the tenants upstairs shoveled the walks for us // the massive snow storm that was actually really really beautiful (I've decided I love snow as long as I can stay inside and look at it through the window..) // scattergories date night with my family via google hangouts // watching ALL of season 2 "When Calls the Heart" <-- if you have any love for things sappy & hallmark you NEED this show in your life, asap (it's on netflix). I'm obsessed.

_ _ _

PS Any & all favorite crockpot dinner recipes encouraged!

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  1. My mom literally told me to watch that last night, and I wasn't convinced, Im more convinced that you also recommend it. haha

    1. WARNING: It is soo sappy. But that's why I love it! haha! You'll have to tell me what you think!

  2. I have so many crockpot recipes that I would love to share!