Merry Happy List: 21

11:45 AM

^^One day last week there was frost on every branch of the trees! I don't know how to describe it really and I don't even know why it happened, but close up it was beautiful!! // The second picture I found on my memory card from a couple weeks ago, but it's incredible to remember that each snowflake is made up of ice crystals and each snowflake is one of a kind! // going to Salt Lake with my aunt for lunch and Trader Joe's // making an impromptu gender reveal stop-motion video for our friends Bryce and Melissa (I think this link will take you the gender-reveal video, and this link will take you to the wedding video I made for them -- notice the same song was used which I thought was very fitting.) // hanging out with Melanie while Stephen was at his gmat class and trying to put her hair extensions on Lydia (HAHA! I would have taken a picture but it didn't last long because Lydia was NOT having it..) // seeing my grandparents for a few hours on Thursday // babysitting my cousin's toddler and feeling like a mom of two for an hour -- thankfully there weren't any catastrophes! // Kayla's homemade sugar cookies // visiting with Dad Olson who was in town for just a couple days // Lydia in her valentines dress

Stephen: "I just wish we could have homemade pico at all times and in all things and in all places."

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