Merry Happy List: 22

7:26 PM

a belated Valentine's date with my forever valentine on Monday // trying Rockwell ice cream co. (&& then going back later in the week with my family because it was that good!) // finally going to the Provo city center temple open house // getting a few things that have been on my to do list for about a month DONE // having my parents here for the weekend // being able to be with my sister Mim as she received her endowments // this fajita recipe // two-days of Spring weather // Lydia's six month dress that was way too big but SO CUTE I dressed her in it anyway // writing two blog posts (in addition to this one - to be posted this week!) // Lydia being old enough to entertain herself for 15-20 minutes on the playmat // my friend Taelor bringing us homemade doughnuts // this BYU parody of Inside Out (that Miriam showed us before it went viral ;))

I forgot to write down any funny quotes :( 

_ _ _

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