Lydiaisms [3 Months]

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Fist-sucking. About two weeks ago Lydia discovered that she actually has some level of control over these crazy things that fly around and smack her in the face (her hands). Since this realization, she has started sucking on her hands/fists like crazy! Sometimes she sucks so hard her hands get swollen and red - not to mention she is quite loud when she does it! I've definitely been trying to replace her hands with the pacifier whenever I can, but she often seems to prefer her hands.

Grabbing. Along with being able to put her hands in her mouth, Lydia has also gotten a lot better at grabbing and holding on to things. Her coordination is still lacking, but occasionally she will grab on to toys and she especially likes grabbing on to our fingers. She held on to her little giraffe-rattle for the first time the other day and brought it to her mouth!

Fighting the wrap. Up until now Lydia has LOVED being carried in the wrap. It was always a surefire way to calm her down and to help her fall asleep. Lately she doesn't seem to be loving the wrap as much, but is content if she can suck on the fabric which creates a rather-large slobber puddle (see photo above - no that's not a shadow...).

Chatting. Lydia is getting chattier-and-chattier by the day! At home if she's not sleeping you can almost guarantee that she's making noises of some kind. Whether it be humming, squawking, yelling, laughing, or crying she's got it down! Both Stephen and I love that she is so vocal. Lately she's been doing what we call "the monkey face." She puffs her cheeks out and then sticks her lips out and makes a humming sound. She did it for like 20 minutes during relief society last week and between that and a diaper blow-out I  have to admit I had a pretty hard time paying attention. haha!

Drooling. (No explanation needed ;))

Self-Admiring. Lydia loves looking at herself in the mirror. It's hilarious. Whenever I hold her in front of the mirror and she sees herself, she gets the biggest grin. At this point I 100% support her diva-like qualities. haha

Laughing. We love finding things that make Lydia laugh and when we are successful there is honestly no better feeling! Babies seriously have THE MOST SATISFYING laughs! Stephen discovered that when we sing "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" and have her "jump" during the "-beam" part of the song (if you've ever been in Primary you know exactly what I'm talking about ;)) she thinks it's pretty hilarious. Unfortunately I haven't been able to catch this with my nice camera yet (she usually gets very serious when I get out the big camera - I think because it's so distracting) but we did get one on Stephen's phone the other day (below) and it doesn't matter how many times I've watched it - it just makes me so HAPPY.

We love our little Lydia Lynn!
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PS Since the photos in this post have Lydia alone, facing the camera, I decided to watermark them after reading THIS POST <-- which you should read if you have children and a blog and/or instagram.

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  1. That video is so cute!! Lydia is adorable!