The Amazing Race [Date]

12:48 PM

Stephen and I were selected to participate in The Amazing Race!!!! - A group date organized by my good friend Kristyn and her husband Tanner. I was pretty dang excited when the official invite showed up on our doorstep a couple weeks ago. We arrived at their house at 6:30 pm SHARP on Friday with our game faces ON. (The invitation stated that if you were the last team to show up you may be eliminated.) Luckily we were the first to arrive. Within minutes, the rest of our competitors came and the GAMES BEGAN!

Stephen's and my first challenge was to find the nearest arcade and win 15 tickets. We went to Fat Cats, but after buying $1 worth of tokens we were informed that their games don't give tickets!!!! We jumped into the car and raced (obeying all laws of course) to Nickel City were Stephen was able to quickly (...after some needed coaching from myself) win the needed tickets.

Our next mission was to find license plates from 12 different states. We pulled into the nearest BYU approved housing parking lot, and found state after state after state. (We were pretty impressed with our time during this task.)

The following challenge was to find quarters from four different states. We saw a Walgreens just across the street and speedily exchanged a one dollar bill for quarters from different states.

The final challenge was hardest of all. To buy an extra-large Slurpee from 7/11 and drink the entire thing before leaving the store. It was during this task that I dropped the ball. For some reason I thought that only ONE team member could complete this challenge, and since Stephen had won the tickets at the arcade, iiiiiiiiii had to drink the Slurpee - by myself! While I was chuggin' away (wincing with every sip) The PURPLE team also arrived at 7/11 and we watched as both of them took turns drinking the slurpee. Stephen ran to the car to again read the challenge and we realized that we'd been doing it wrong! (Thank goodness, too, because my stomach had about reached its Slurpee capacity.)

Eventually...(seeing the wisdom of the PURPLE team) we put the slurpee in the Microwave, downed its contents as fast as humanly possible and raced back to Kristyn and Tanner's house!

We were the FOURTH team to arrive!! Thank goodness that only the LAST team to arrive was eliminated. Once at the house we competed in two more tasks (placing dominos in a line and making them all fall over - with only the use of our pointer fingers, and then building a 3D pyramid out of cups) and in the end, were awarded THIRD place!!!!!!!

After prizes were distributed, we all chatted and ate some DELICIOUS cupcakes made by our host Kristyn.

Thanks so much for putting together such a fun evening Kristyn and Tanner!
We had a blast.

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