Autumn Outing.

8:58 PM

Last Sunday, Stephen, Isaac, Chelsee and I drove the scenic and ever so popular Alpine Loop. I was a little disappointed because it snowed in the mountains earlier in the week, so quite a few of the leaves had already fallen and the colors weren't quite as vibrant as when I did the drive last year with some JERU friends - but it was still a gorgeous day and a gorgeous drive with some of my favorite people. :)

...I hate to sound like a blogger-cop-out, but I really do think fall might be my favorite season. Although, I'd much prefer warm weather all year round - the fall colors of nature truly are breathtaking. Especially here surrounded by brightly colored trees dotting the mountainside.

Isaac and Chelsee's Polaroid camera added a special something to the outing as well. Polaroid cameras really might be the coolest thing ever.

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  1. hi. the close up of you and stephen: frame it now. make it your profile picture. print a million copies and throw them off the top of the swkt like they do in newsies when they print the newspaper at the end. i LOVE that picture

  2. great pictures! And I definitely need to get out and take some with all the fun colors!!!

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