Poppyseed Chicken.

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I've definitely been expanding my repertoire of recipes lately and I have been having a ton of fun doing it. In years past it's always been hard to make decent meals: 1. Because it's not very much fun to cook for one person, and 2. I've never had a kitchen of my very own. But now that I cannot hide behind either of those excuses...I must say I enjoy making meals quite a bit! (And Stephen is an excellent meal-preparing-assistant.)

I figured there was no better way to keep track of my cooking adventures (both the good and the bad) than to blog about them, so I'll probably start posting recipes/food pictures more often from now on. (Plus, I've always been obsessed with taking pictures of food so now I have a real reason to do so.)

Without futher adu:
Poppyseed Chicken Casserole! 

One day (in the last month or so) Stephen commented on how he, "loves casseroles." I thought that was a very funny and relief-society-sounding thing to say. haha. It's amazing the things you learn about a person you thought you knew after you're married. (haha just kidding.) Anyway, he said that his mom makes a delicious Poppyseed Casserole that he loves. We texted her and asked for the recipe that she uses, but she was at the store and couldn't send it right then, and we were impatient, so I just googled one and decided to give it a go.

This is the recipe I used.

It was good! When the ingredients consist of: chicken, sour cream, butter, ritz crackers and cream of chicken soup....how could it be anything but good? haha.

My mother-in-law later sent us the recipe she uses and it was pretty similar, but looked even better because it has rice baked into it which would make it a lot more filling. (Her recipe also called for less sour cream and butter and cream of chicken which is a plus.)

Positives: Stephen was one happy husband and was singing praises to my name. It was delicious!

Negatives: Let's face it. It's not the most healthy recipe. ha. And, it wasn't super filling.

What I would do differently: Try the other recipe. (I'll post that recipe when I make it.) Also, I wish I had shredded the chicken instead of cutting it into cubes (which is something that the new recipe says to do).

SO, ya. I'm not sure how to end this post now. haha.

[Also, I recognize that it's weird I'm posting about a full meal and it's barely 9:00 am on a Saturday. Next time I'll try to post more appropriate foods for the time of day, I'm just currently at work and biding my time until General Conference starts!] 

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