almost crafty.

6:03 PM

For one of my classes we had an assignment to do "something creative." After scouring Pinterest for some creative ideas,  I decided to try a photo-to-wood transfer. The videos made it seem soooo easy....

I looked up a bunch of different tutorials, and found this one the most helpful.
A lot of the tutorials called for lots of (expensive) materials, but this one only called for Modge Podge (which I picked up from WalMart for like $6).
 (Well, it also required wood, obviously, but my kind Uncle Darin let me have some free of charge:))

The final product didn't turn out quiiiiiite as well as I had hoped. (SURPRISE!) I guess I scrubbed a little too vigorously in a couple places which made the ink come off too - but at least it was a learning process! 

I thought it looked kind of cool to not remove all of the paper from the pictures to make us stand out a little more, but once the project was done I wasn't sure if it actually looked cool, or if it just looked incomplete. ha. 

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  1. Love the new blog colors/look. It totally looks like Miriam in the bottom right pic (at least to me) ha ha

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